Resolution 2008-03

Regarding the appointment of a Director for theFlorida Division of Blind Services

WHEREAS, the National  Federation of the Blind of Florida (NFBF)  has written letters to the Commissioner of Education and has participated in meetings with other consumer groups and has provided critical language pertaining to the job description regarding filling the  vacant position  of the Florida  Division of Blind services Director, and

WHEREAS, at this time, no answer has been received regarding the time period and method to be utilized for the selection, interviewing and hiring process for this position; and

WHEREAS, none of the other interested stakeholders have been contacted, for participation in the selection process: Now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Federation of the Blind of Florida in Convention assembled this twenty-sixth day of May, 2008, in the City of Jacksonville, Florida, that this organization Direct its president to seek an immediate meeting with the governors office in order to obtain an answer from the Department of education as to the time period and method to be used for the selection, interviewing, and hiring of the new Division of Blind Services director.