Resolution 2020-02

Concerning Accessible Prescription Drug Labels

Whereas, prescription drugs are used to treat various medical conditions across a wide population in Florida; and

Whereas, consumers have the right to receive information regarding each prescription drug filled by pharmacies across Florida; and

Whereas, blind and print disabled individuals have the right to equal access prescription drugs with all legally required information; and

Whereas, proper use of prescription drugs is essential to health and well-being; and

Whereas, blind Floridians are at risk for taking the wrong medication, incorrect dose or expired medication when prescription drug labels and other information is not accessible; and

Whereas, blind Floridians are not able to obtain warnings, cautions, contra-indicators, or other critical information in an accessible format; and

Whereas, The United States Access Board, in 2013, created a list of best practices for pharmacists to better understand how to accommodate blind, low vision, and elderly patients; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the National Federation of the Blind of Florida, in convention assembled this[blank] day of October, 2020, urge the Florida legislature to enact legislation that requires all prescription drug information be made fully accessible; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this organization urge all stakeholders to work with the National Federation of the Blind of Florida to ensure that all blind and print disabled Floridians have access to accessible prescription labels and all other information.