Resolution 2006-04

Concerning the Inaccessibility of State Government Websites


it is a mission of the National Federation of the Blind to remove the social, legal, and economic barriers faced by the blind; and


the goal of the federation is the full integration of the blind into society on terms of equality; and


many blind and otherwise disabled Floridians use access technologyto read electronic media such as web pages, databases and computer generated documents that are readily available to sighted citizens; and


Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 contains provisions that allow for the creation of accessibility standards that would allow blind persons full and equal access to the entire range of the State's electronic mediawhich is available to the general public; and


the State has several electronic media such as sections of the MyFlorida web site that are not available to the blind through access technology due to flaws in design or in disregard for the needs of blind citizens; and


the inability to fully access these electronic media in the course of business prevents blind persons from being employed in many sectors; and


the Legislature of the State of Florida in blatant disregard to the needs of blind citizens has passed legislation that allows those electronic media created prior to this time to remain inaccessible


by the National Federation of the Blind in convention assembled this 29th day of May, 2006 in Orlando, Florida, that we will not tolerate this unlawful and immoral denial of our right to fully participate in Florida society;and


that the National Federation of the Blind of Florida shall use all appropriate means including legal action, should it prove necessary, to ensure that blind persons have full access to all Florida State electronic information produced for public use through any governmental entity or contractor.