National Federation of the Blind of Florida


WHEREAS blind and visually impaired persons do not drive automobiles,
and are therefore more likely to be pedestrians much of the time; and

WHEREAS this tendency gives blind persons an active interest in issues
involving pedestrians; and

WHEREAS THE State OF Florida leads the nation in pedestrian fatalities,
with four of our metropolitan areas appearing in the top five positions of this
list indicating the highest number of pedestrian deaths; and

WHEREAS in the past few years, it has become apparent that more and
more drivers are disregarding traffic laws designed to keep pedestrians
safe, including Florida Statute 316.1301, commonly known as the White
Cane Law, that states that the driver of an automobile will yield the right of
way to anyone utilizing a white cane or guide dog; and

WHEREAS even the law enforcement officers of our state, cities and
counties are unaware of such traffic laws, because they do not receive
sufficient training on them: Now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by The National Federation of the Blind of Florida,  in
convention assembled, this third day of September, 2000, in the City of Fort
Lauderdale, Florida, that we call on the Florida Legislature to create a task
force to study the pedestrian laws that are on the books so that the existing
laws will be enforced and that new, stronger laws shall be written to protect
our state's pedestrians; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we demand that all state, county and
city law enforcement personnel be trained to uphold the white cane law as
required by Florida statute.